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Jefferson Township Annual Spring Clean-up  -- Saturday, May 9th

Township Officials
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 Supervisor  Jeff Carmen
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 Treasurer  Carlotta Kirstein
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 Clerk  Leroy McNeary
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 Deputy Clerk
 Paula Brown
 Trustee  Flena Rubalcaba         
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 Trustee  Dean Hass
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 Bldg Inspector & Zoning Admin
 Gerry Hart
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 Assessor  William Kays
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 Township Office Manager
 Mary Brown
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 Code Enforcement Officer  Lee Montgomery  click to send email

Township Information
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Announcements and Events

Jefferson Township Annual Spring Clean-up  -- Saturday, May 9th

Cass County provides Hazardous Waste Collection at the Cass County Fairgrounds, 590 O'Keefe Street, Cassopolis. Collection is on a first come / first serve basis.  Collection of household hazardous waste, electronic waste, used tires as well as collections for old flags, used eye glasses and hearing aids. Please check the county website for details.

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